Another bug I’ve found in IOS (iPhone)

What I did: opened the app on my iPhone 8 Plus with iOS 15.

What happened: I have the appearance set to “system” and I have found something that has happened at least 3 times on the iPhone and on the iPad too I think.

The left field instead of adopting the system dark mode, it either gets the letters too dark (and I can’t read it right) or it shows a white background (see the first screenshot in attachment) instead of adopting the dark mode. I had to close the app and open it again for the appearance to be correct.

Note: only the left field has this issue. The right one with the dates and calendar doesn’t seem to have it.

What I expected: it to be in dark mode :joy::relaxed:

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): iPhone 8 Plus on recently released iOS 15.

I took a screenshot from my iPhone to show the issue. Here with the white background that “covers” the hours and network icons from the phone.

As you can see I have the settings set to system (which automatically uses light and dark mode).

On the right field I haven’t noticed any changes in color though.

And this is the screenshot after I closed and reopened the app. This is the way it should look like.

Thanks for reporting this in so much detail, that’s super helpful. We had a similar report the other day and will dive into it!