Annoying linebreaks around inline images

Hi, Agenda dev,

I was inserting a small image containing a math equation term, which is clipped from one of my PDF papers. The image is small enough to be contained in a single line. But when i pasted in Agenda, it invokes two linebreaks, breaking the single line into three lines. I was hoping the words “the probability” and “is more feasible” are put in the same line along with the image.

Moreover, the inline image inside Agenda has extra white spacing over and below the actual image. This is strange, as if Agenda is assuming a minimum image height. If so, can I alter it?

P.S. The regulation where new users can only insert one image per post is VERY DISAPPOINTING.

My OS: macOS Mojave 10.14.4.

My Agenda version: 7.0(91).

Please help!


You will understand that the image restriction in the beginning is to make it difficult for spammers and bots. Forums can become unusable very quickly without some sort of measure like this.

I see that in your case, the image layout approach we take is not ideal, but for most users, it vastly simplifies image handling in notes, and leads to a generally more attractive result too.

Your particular use case is more appropriate for a real word processor (word) or typesetting tool (latex). Even if we were to layout the image the way you want it here, we have no knowledge of the baseline of the equation etc, so it would be pure chance. The one equation may look OK, the next wouldn’t. And the fact that the font also doesn’t match is also a problem.

In my view, the only way to do this nicely, without a full text layout/equation system, is to do what we do. In my view, the first screenshot you show is actually better than the second one. But if you want more control, I recommend making the equation and text in another tool, and including it as an attachment.

Thanks for the feedback!

Kind regards,

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I understand and respect your consideration of spammers and image layout processing. I’ll turn to RTF editors for such kind of notes.

And I still have two feature requests which I think are essential to daily use:

  1. Add options for default image insertion type (inline, thumbnail, thumbnail with text, or full width).
  2. Add quick shortcut to display inline images on macOS app. On iOS Agenda you can double tap an inline image to open it, but on macOS one can only click on the inline image and then click “Quick Look”. This is a bit cumbersome. Consider some more natual ways of interation, like hovering mouse pointer for 1 sec, etc.

Anyway, thanks for your help!

Try alt/option-clicking a thumbnail or inline attachment token on macOS and it will directly QuickLook the attachment. Double-clicking will immediately open the file in the default editor on your Mac.

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