Announcing Funnel - a quick capture app for Agenda, and various other apps :)

Hi everyone!

I’ve just released my new iOS app, Funnel!

Funnel a simple and powerful quick capture app, which sends your contents directly to your favorite apps. Funnel integrates natively with Agenda using the url callback scheme.

Funnel is an indie app at heart. Absolutely zero data collection, or any kind of analytics/tracking. Built in iCloud syncing, with end-to-end encryption.

Give it a try, and let me know if you have any thoughts, questions or feedback :yellow_heart:

Download Link: ‎Funnel: Quick Capture on the App Store

Website: Funnel: Quick Capture


What warrants this to be a subscription only? Quite a turn-off even considering the price.


Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: Will definitely evalute on the pricing over time.

Nice app, will consider getting it. I prefer paying more once then paying every year though.

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Thanks a lot, and I appreciate the message.

I will look into lifetime options. I have to be a bit careful, as I am integrating with several apps and their web APIs - any of which could be removed, changed, or turn non-free at any point in the future. Even for Agenda - Funnel works until Agenda’s APIs continue working as expected. Things like this can happen at any point, breaking Funnel: X-Url-Callback x-Success not firing on iOS, only on Mac

But agreed - and thanks again!

FWIW - When I buy a “lifetime” option I obviously don’t expect to work for the rest of my natural days - I just want to peg my total lifetime cost.

Thanks, and definitely agree with you. I think the expectation is still for a few years at least (but probably differs from person to person)

I have tried to be safer from my side as of now. I will evalute and look into other options in the future as well.

FWIW, only a handful of apps such as Agenda is worth subscription since they keep on adding very cool features. But majority of apps out there are just pure greed, no way I waste 1cent on them.

Definitely. Always inspired by Agenda, and how @mekentosj and @drewmccormack have continued to build on an already impressive app :yellow_heart: