Annotating PDFs with Apple pencil

Doh! No idea where I got the notion but I’d thought this was a premium feature - subscribed - it doesn’t appear to be and searching here seems to indicate that it isn’t a feature :frowning:

Is it on the roadmap?


I still use agenda but use good notes to fill out pdfs.


Yes please news this

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We only support annotation of images at this point, not PDFs. We hope to allow PDF annotation in future. It will require us to support editing of existing attachments, which is the current roadblock.

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Very sad!

Is this likely to become available in the coming 12 months? If so, I will happily subscribe to premium.

I’m afraid I can’t really promise anything like that. We have a firm road map for the next few months, but not beyond that.

Fair enough, thanks for your response. This would be a great feature to have for many of us, I’m sure. Most meetings are supported by presentations, and keeping a copy of them (with comments and notes annotations) fits very well with the “purpose” of Agenda.



Yes, agreed. Note that you can prepare your PDF with annotations in another app, and import it into Agenda when done. Maybe that is a short term workaround.

Would also like to add my vote!