Annotating pdf or image

I use iPad to carry pdfs forms and have clients fill them out and sign.

Recently I’ve been using all the big daddy Mac note programs and each has it’s own challenges. I can do it with most but what I can’t do is assign dates to these items and I’d lose track of whether or not I sent to the home office or not etc.

So I found Agenda. If you attach a pdf or image etc into the note you can annotate it and export it. Everything works fine as long as it’s not a two pager. You can only annotate the first page and both pages will export. So most of my pages are one page.

I store the form in a forms project with each form being a Note. When I need the form I just copy it and paste into the new note, fill it out, member signs and I export it. Works good for me.

Try it, you’ll like it. If I need a two pager I just fill it out in one of the aforementioned notes apps and then send it to Agenda to note and date it and remind me of what I’ve done to it.

Love it,


Intrigued what is going on with the annotation of PDFs. In theory, we don’t support that at all. We only support annotating actual images (eg JPEGs) at this point.

What might be going on is that the PDF is converted to a JPEG or similar. Is that it do you think?

I may have started drinking too early, it was 9 am.


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