Annotating PDF documents

After dabbling with Agenda for a couple years, I just took the plunge and am migrating from Notes to Agenda. So far everything has been smooth and I am more organized for it.

However, I went to sign a PDF today and realized I couldn’t do it in Agenda. Hopefully this is high on the list of features coming soon. But, in the meantime, what do others do when they need to annotate or type on a PDF? I do so pretty extensively and don’t want to have to move the file from Agenda to Notes or Files, annotate it, and then move it back.

Any suggestions to make PDF annotations more efficient?

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At this point, you would probably have to export the PDF, sign it, and import it again.

But I have some good news. You will be able to edit PDFs and other documents in Agenda 14, and we are just about to start beta testing that. So I expect in about a month you will be able to annotate PDFs directly.

Hope that helps!


Update: It’s now possible to annotate PDFs and edit attachments in Agenda 14.