Animate GIFs in notes

Someone on my project team recently shared a markdown files with GIFs (in a separate folder) with me. When importing the markdown file, the GIFs where not automatically included in the note, but I could drag & drop them into the note afterwards. However, the GIFs are not animated when displayed in the note, which they are in another markdown editor (Typora). It would be great if GIFs could be animated when integrated in a note.

Thanks for the feedback.

Might be tricky, because Agenda has to redraw the image to make it fit, and also if it is a thumbnail etc. So not sure how easy it would be to get it to animate. Could be tricky, but we will take it on board.

Finding I’m incorporating more and more animated GIFs into notes in recent months. Would be really nice to be able to have this ability within Agenda.

It think it would be very difficult to have them animate inline. But does it at least work if you preview the image? I assume it should animate then.

It does animate via Quick Look which is great if you happen to know/remember it’s an animated GIF otherwise it’s just a static image with no indication otherwise.