Anchoring images to text within the note

I often use Mail to export my notes in RTF format.

The images that are in the note are all pushed to the bottom of the note instead of anchoring to where they were inserted in the note.

Text directly above or directly below the image provides more detail on the contents of the image, but moving all the images to the bottom of the note in email removes this context.

It is possible to retain the location of images relative to text when sharing an RTF through Mail?


Hmm, that sounds like a bug. We’ll investigate. Thanks for letting us know.


Hi Eric,

I had a look but this seems something that Mail does that we have no influence over, if we export as a file it shows the attachments inline in the text at the correct locations. The alternative would be to share through Mail as a Rich Text File, but obviously this will result in a mail message with a RTF attachment instead of having the text of the note be in the mail message itself, so probably not very desirable either.