Anchor links or bookmark links

Hi Drew, Alex et al,

I would really like anchor links to navigate quickly to a specific paragraph in a note.

I really appreciate the callback-style links that take me to a specific note, but I would like to get quickly to a specific bookmark or ID in a note. (‘Quickly’ means not by http:// internet links which tend to be slow or unavailable).

Some apps e.g. Bear support the [[linking]] protocol, others e.g. Pages, Notion, Dropbox Paper make it easy to copy the location/ID or a H1, H2, H3 heading.

I greatly appreciate all you are doing in continuing development of Agenda, which I use every day.


Thanks for the feedback! We will take this on board. It sounds like a good feature.

Kind regards,

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Plus one to this. I take meeting minutes a la Robert’s Rules of Order, and being able to make back references to other motions and topics would be really helpful.

And if you’re looking for inspiration above and beyond what @greiggy provided, Quip handles this well, too.