An Image Banner Option?

Hi, I just got introduced to this app and so far I love it, however, I would love to see a feature implemented where an image can be displayed above a project name and/or a note title. It would be aesthetically pleasing to have a banner image above a project and/or note. Furthermore, I would like to see some more color options than the ones given for tags and categories.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the feedback, you mean some kind of header image for the project correct? Not sure it would fit the style of the app, but we’ll take it on board.

Regarding more colours for tags and categories, Agenda 15 will bring custom category colours as a premium feature, well consider adding it for tags as well.

Exactly, I think it will grant more customization to your notes. Personally, I use this app for notes and projects for my work and having a header image could make it easier to identify the project and still allow for a sleek look. I suspect it will of course be an optional feature if implemented.

Thank you for your reply, I also love that you are Dutch creators as I am Dutch myself.

:smiley: Groetjes!