An advice for note order, creating a note below or above another one

Hi Agenda Developers,

Thanks for this app. I want to mention a point for editing and it is related to manage the order of notes in a large project. Can we add a function that is like “add note in below” or “add note in above”.

I strongly believe this function can provide a great easy for the ordering.

Hope to hear back soon.


You can do this already in two ways. If you have a note selected on the Mac, you can use File > Add Note After Selected Note (or use the ⌘⌃-N shortcut). Alternatively, if you put the cursor at the end of a note, you can use the gear menu to select: Start New Note, which you’ll also find in the Note menu, and for which you can use the ⌘-/ (forward slash) shortcut.

Btw, this latter command changes depending on where your cursor is in the note. If it’s at the start of a note it will say Note > Precede by New Note, if in the middle it will say Note > Split at Insertion Point, if you have a piece of text in a note selected it will say Note > Move Selection to New Note, and as said if it’s at the end of the note it will be Note > Start New Note. This makes ⌘-/ a very useful one to remember.

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Make very good sense. Love it.

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