Allow [[ to add link to Project

The ability to add a link to a Note using [[ is really powerful.

However, it would be even better if it could add a link to Project - perhaps by using shift or alt to select the Project rather than opening it.

Why? I have a note pinned to the top of my Agenda with my Goals, to help me keep focused. Generally the Goal is to deliver a Project. But because I can’t link from the Goals Note to a Project, I have to link to a Note in the Project - and the notes are often too granular.

It would also be useful to reference Projects in other notes.

You can already do this. When you type the name of the project and select it in the list you indeed get the list of notes for this project you can create links to. However, the project itself at the top of this list is also selectable (see screenshot below) and selecting it will insert a link to the project itself instead of to one of its notes:

Screenshot 2022-08-02 at 00.18.44


Thanks, that’s very cool.

I tried again, and discovered I could select it by clicking on the highlighted project using the the mouse. I’d been trying to use the keyboard - because that’s how I normally insert these links. It never occurred to me to use the mouse!

Is there a way of just using the keyboard?

Yes, it is: type a backslash, then “link”, choose or type “(project-title)” followed by name of project.

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Yes sure, besides @robbie07’s suggestion, the following also works:

  1. type [[ followed by the first letter(s) of the project
  2. type down arrow if there’s more than one suggestion and hit enter once the project is highlighted. this should show the notes with the project name at the top
  3. again type down arrow to select the first item in the list (the project name), and hit enter to insert the link to the project in the text of the note

That’s what I would like to happen. But it doesn’t work. When I use the down arrow, it skips over Projects and only highlights Notes.

Is this on Mac or iPad?

Ah, or is this because your mouse is hovering over the menu?

Mac. No mouse involved, just keyboard.

See how the focus skips over the project ‘General’:

Agenda - 4 Aug 2022

Not sure I follow, the “welcome - revice” project is already select so all you’d need to do is enter/return, doesn’t that work?

“Welcome - revise” is a Note. I want to insert a link to the Project “Internal”.

No it’s not, Welcome - revise is a project, Internal is a (sidebar) category. At the moment it’s not possible to create links to categories, only to projects and notes

Apologies, my mistake. I’ve now worked out what’s going on and why I got confused.

In the upper part of the pop up I CAN select a Project.

In the lower part, below the word ‘Notes’, even though Projects are visible, it’s only possible for select Notes. Which makes perfect sense.

Screenshot 2022-08-06 at 11.01.57

For some reason, my eyes were jumping straight to the lower part, and I didn’t notice the upper part.

Thanks for your patience.


Cool, glad it works as it should!

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