Allow numbered lists to begin where the user defines

I was writing up something for a lecture I am in, and wanted to write something as follows:

  1. blah blah
  2. blah blah
  3. blah blah

blah blah blah blah

  1. blah
  2. blah…

What my request is, could we have it so that the default may be that whenever the user clicks the numbered list button it defaults at 1), but if a user types in an alternate number of their choosing could the list simply start from there and continue?


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That is challenging. You can’t really do that sort of thing without some indication that it is being treated differently, like a start of list marker or something. Otherwise it can become very confusing as to why the numbering is as it is (imagine sending the note to someone else, or coming back in 6 months).

What I tend to do in such cases, is nest a bullet point. This allows the numbering to continue, but still “break” the list for extra info.

I would normally agree, however this is taking notes regarding diagnostic criteria from the DSM. Basically they do it that way so that there is some difference between the groupings but that they are all still part of the same diagnosis.

I think a couple of workarounds may be to use bullets instead, if the numbers aren’t really important. If the numbers are important, I guess you could use your own numbering. Eg. -1, -2, -3 etc. Not nice, but if that is essential, that would be a way.