Allow non-Agenda users to view a note

I am an Android phone user and would love an Android version of this fantastic app. But the thing holding me back from using it regularly on my MacBook is that I can’t figure out how to make notes visibile to non-Agenda users (for viewing only). For instance, I’m working on a project with a client who has an Android phone, and I need him to be able to see our running to-do list. The ability to edit (and collaborate on whole projects as well as notes) would be great, but simply viewing notes is essential for me. A full-fledged Agenda app isn’t necessary for that. I don’t want to keep information in two separate places and I need it to be live and up to date, so, although I generally prefer Agenda’s design and functionality to other alternatives, I’m forced to use something else in order to make certain information visible.


Fantastic app, agreed, but this is a limitation. If the Agenda Link facility (or x-callback-URL or whatever) could be extended to provide a link to a note for others to view, that would be a very attractive feature.

I perceive the typical Agenda user as someone who routinely collaborates.

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The problem with this at this point is that Agenda is a native app, not a web app. So it is difficult to provide a link to anything on the web that someone can access.

We have some ideas around collaboration, and will keep your feedback in mind.

For now, I would recommend exporting a PDF to a location in dropbox, and send the link to that dropbox location to the other person.

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