All Notes View?

Sorry if this has already been discussed. But is it possible to see a list of all current notes sorted by most recently updated?


Or by selecting multiple projects, you can see all the notes of those projects… or select a category and see all notes in the combined category… that’s what the Saved Searches do anyhow… would be nice to see a UI element that incorporates that. BusyCal is a good example for how that would work.

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This is a popular request, we’d indeed like to offer that option in a future update.

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When. Agenda is pretty good but crippled because you cannot see all the notes as a complete list.

No ETA yet I’m afraid, inline images and attachments support is up first.

Which is more important IMO. I’ve moved almost all of my notes to Agenda from various places (Keep, Apple Notes, OneNote). I’ve got a few stragglers that need image support.