All Day Reminders By Default not working

What I did: Set “All Day Reminders By Default” in Preferences.

What happened: Reminders still assign a time to them, unless I use \reminder, doesn’t matter using Mac or iOS

What I expected: No matter how I created a reminder inside Agenda, it would default to “All Day”

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda Version 11.0.1 (150) - Mac App Store, 10.15.7 Mac OS, current OS on iOS and current app on iOS

Adding also that the “Cancel” button (if you didn’t actually want to create a reminder) is hit and miss. Sometimes it seems to work, but often hitting cancel just creates the reminder anyways.

Hmm, it would help if you can detail the exact mechanisms of how you create the reminders. Perhaps through a screen recording if possible. We had a recent similar topic, but the conclusion there was that the setting is not honoured only if you use the contextual menu:

Let’s say I have a note like this:

Now I rightclick behind the checklist item, the »task« I want to transfer to Reminders:

Then I get this dialog box. Note that a time is proposed:

This should not happen, because my preferences look like this:

Which means »create all-day tasks by default«, and it works like this when I type \remind() – but not when I use the context menu or the menu command Shift-Cmd-R.

Right, that’s the contextual menu way we are aware about, it’s on our fix-list. Question is whether other ways of creating a reminder also ignore the setting.

I have the same problem.
While using \remind(tomorrow) works on Mac, the contextual menu would not work.
The same on iOS: a reminder set a time (mostly 12:00) instead to creat an all-day-reminder.

See above:

Right, that’s the contextual menu way we are aware about, it’s on our fix-list.

Sorry for the delayed response after creating the thread… I added a quick video showing the two issues I called out. Here I show that I have the preference set to “All Day”, but try to create a Quick Reminder from the day. Same issue as the contextual. I also then show clicking “Cancel” and showing that the reminder gets created anyway.

Update: We believe this issue should be fixed in the version 11.1 update, please let us know if this is not the case.