All-day reminder issues

What I did: Added some existing all-day reminders to notes and created some new ones for a note

What happened: I noticed that my all-day reminders were not appearing in the right sidebar. To resolve this issue, I restarted Agenda, which then displayed the reminders in the sidebar. However, I noticed that the icons for the all-day reminders had changed to include an ‘x’ symbol. This issue only affects the all-day reminders.

Using latest Agenda 18.3.2 (295) on Sonoma 14.2.1.


Very odd, all regular reminders still do show?

Yes, the regular reminders were showing, it was just all-day that were missing.

I recently began using Agenda and will provide feedback on my ability to replicate this issue as I create more all-day reminders.


Thanks Alex, please do keep me posted on this one