All-day events are linked different on iOS and desktop apps

What I did:

Link an all-day event on iOS

What happened:

It treats it as an 12am to 12 am event and shows the time on the entry.

What I expected:

Show only the date/day of week with the entry as it does when linking a all day event on the desktop app.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
this is with the latest versions

Are you sure this is in fact labeled as an all-day event in the What kind of calendar is this event from (iCloud, Google, etc)?

Yes, it is a all-day event in iCal. I’ve seen the same with Google Calendar events subscribed through iCal.

The first screenshot is how it looks like when I linked it on iOS. On the Mac it shows the same, but no link to the event. When I link it to the event again on the Mac, it shows like the second screenshot on iOS:

It’s not a big issue, but the unnecessary display of the time takes away precious real estate on the iPhone.

Odd, we’ll have a look.