Alfred quick open workflow

I’ve been a longtime Bear user who’s recently made the switch to Agenda, but something I’ve sorely missed is the ability to quickly search and open notes from Alfred using this custom workflow.

So, I’ve built out a workflow that does just that. If you’ve used the quick open shortcut for VSCode, Sublime, etc. before, this should feel very familiar, but works no matter what application you currently have open.

The ag keyword will search note titles and agp searches project names and allows you to open both the project and specific notes in the project.

I’m planning to add support for creating new notes and appending text to notes in the near future as well.

Hope this is helpful for anyone trying to accomplish the same thing!


Awesome, thanks for sharing! :ok_hand:

This is great! I’ve been wishing agend had something like this built in, but this is the next best thing. Looking forward to the future planned features!

This is an essential feature that I have been missing. Thank you so much for crafting this workflow @philc !!

Thank you so much for developing this! I’ve been hoping that Agenda would have a feature for like this for a while. This is probably better, at least for Alfred users, as it mean I don’t need to have Agenda in focus to jump to a project or note.

This is exactly was I was looking for, for ages! Thanks a lot!

This is a great addition to the app and supports a great workflow. I’ve followed the GitHub project and will be interested to see how this develops.

Now if only Alfred had some mechanism to keep workflows up to date. Will you keep this thread for updates to the workflow or is there some other mechanism to keep track of releases?