Alert for pre-existing entry


I had created an entry for a day in advance of that day. Then later when that they arrived, forgetting I had already created a note for that meeting, I created a new one. This meant I also forgot the items I had wanted to bring up, because they were in the other forgotten entry for the day.

Would it be possible to add an option for people to request confirmation that if they already have created an item for that day before that day, do they really want to create another item for the day, or use the item that had previously been created for that day?

This confirmation would not be needed if an existing entry for today was already created today. This would only apply to the first item for a day created before that day.

Thank you,
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Hi Tim,

I think it is just too much a of a niche case. Many, many people will have multiple notes on any given day, and it could be quite irritating to have dialogs asking you every time if you really want to make a note with that date.

My advice is simply to copy over the old note when you find it again. You could also use tags and. searches to streamline. Eg. Make a tag called #coming-up, and attach it to anything you have coming. Then make a Search All for #coming-up. You can now see exactly what notes you have already made. Remove the tag when you are finished with the note. (Actually, the on-the-agenda feature can also be used like this if you prefer.)

Hi Drew,

Yes, there are other ways to do it, and I can try to start using those.

Yes, it would get irritating as you described it, though that’s why I suggested it only be for the first item created in a day, and only when an item for that day had already been created prior to that day. That would not be irritating, and would be a helpful reminder to check for preexisting notes about a meeting with someone.

Thank you for considering the idea.


15,633 days