AI incorporation in the future

Hi guys.

I am trying other apps like Mem and Notion for their ability to use AI to write, organise and connect notes. I love the tech, but I keep getting drawn back to Agenda because I have always found it the most comfortable and enjoyable to app to use.

Just wondering if you guys are considering leveraging some of the improvements in AI to incorporate into Agenda in the near future?


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Interesting feedback. AI is not in our roadmap at this point.

From a personal point of view, I would like to see it do something useful, and get a good idea of what it could offer in Agenda, before jumping on board.

AI is very much a hype at the moment. It can certainly help with certain things, but I think the set of places it is really useful is much smaller than the current set of places it is being deployed :smile:

Aside: yesterday I saw a well known AI startup go out of business after 7 years of trying to use AI to make programmers more efficient. They left with a blog post saying it is probably still 10 years away. (I think that might even be optimistic.) Kite is saying farewell - Code Faster with Kite

The above is my personal opinion, and not necessary that of my employer :slight_smile: If you have ideas about how AI could help Agenda, we are certain very interested to hear them. The more background we have, the better decisions we can make.


Hi Drew,

I appreciate the feedback and I agree that it is a current ‘trend’ and still has a long way to go. I find the connecting of ideas and content one of the most useful things. I had a look at the related notes in Agenda and I found at least half the notes weren’t relevant based on tags and I have lots of other notes that I know would have been similar that didn’t show. I think Mem does this better.

I know it’s simple at best for now, but the AI writing assistant that Mem, Clover and Notion are looking to implement has been quite useful for me as highschool teacher and student at university.

Just thoughts and ideas, but that would be long term I appreciate.

Also, love how fast you guys acted on the tag delete option after the initial feedback. Really appreciate how proactive you guys are and you care about customer support.


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Relevant notes uses rule based approaches, like sharing of tags, links between notes, and proximity within a project. These are probably as good as anything for a first stab.

I assume AI is looking at all text, and doing some sort of matching. I guess that might be useful. Would probably require quite a lot of computational power just to fill relevant notes, but something we could think about. Thanks for the tip!

How is the writing assistant working? Is that doing some sort of prediction, like the iPhone does for suggesting the word?

Devonthink has some sort of “AI”, which is basically some function that searches for a given term related notes.

Textmining is making great progress but that usually requires lots of texts for training, or the use of pretrained models, which may not make sense on mobile devices.

I guess many people currently fancy features to search for and visualise relationships between notes and this may be something where one could use some sort of text/context analysis?

Thanks for engaging in the topic.

I have found the AI writing on Clover, Notion and Mem all helpful with quickly converting notes into lists or paragraphs etc. and also rewording or contributing to a question, topic or notes. Sometimes I jot some things down on the go for a later job, like researching/defining a topic and I find the quick AI features great for saving me the time. I also tend to rework my notes into emails etc. which is also really helpful when it can be done for me.

Just some thoughts.