Agenda Work Offline?

Hey I was just wondering if Agenda works without being connected to internet? Basically, does it save an offline copy that I can work on, and then sync once I’m back in service?

Or alternately is the app wrapping a webview, and so must be constantly connected to see the content?

Thanks much loving it so far — very nice work!

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Agenda is a fully native macOS app, with local storage. It does not need the server to function like other cross platform apps (eg Slack).


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It will be great if when using cloud syncing (notes stored not on the devices), the user to have option to select a note for offline viewing (in case of travel in places with no net)?

Currently your notes are stored in your personal iCloud or Dropbox containers, but also always on the device, we don’t yet offer an cloud-only storage option.

Thats mean all notes will be visible on the phone in case of internet drops, if yes thats great?

Correct, your notes are always available on the device.