Agenda with MarginNote 3: An Amazing Knowledge & Study Base

I posted this on Reddit iPad, but thought I would share it here as well. I’m a grad student who loves MarginNote 3’s ability to tag individual annotations. I read pdfs and then tag my annotations so that when I want to search or cross-reference information, I use the search by tag function. However, MarginNote 3 is not as asthetically pleasing as Agenda. So, here is how I use both apps together as a knowledge base:
I annotate my PDF’s in MarginNote, and tag each annotation as well. Then, once I’m done annotating, I copy and paste the outline in a new document in Agenda. It’s much easier to read and keep track of what I have actually read. The super cool thing about this is that Agenda keeps the links in the tags to the original pdf in MarginNote. This means that if I want to reference back to the PDF, I simply click on the tag in the Agenda note and it switches right over to MarginNote 3 and automatically open the source document.


Thanks for sharing, sounds like a great combination indeed!


Thanks for sharing this method. But I was wondering how you could copy and paste the outline in MarginNote 3. Do you export your into Word document and then copy them in Agenda? Or is there a better way? Thank you.

The OP was describing the other way around: copy the outline from MN 3 and pasting into Agenda. You could, of course, copy and paste data from Agenda or other app into a note in MN 3, though, for myself, I don’t see much reason to do that.

Thanks for your reply. I meant to ask how I can copy the entire outline in MarginNote. Should I do it in Document mode or Study mode?

If you can export to OmniOutline, it should be possible to maintain the outline hierarchy, I would think.

Hi, OP here. What I do is, I make my notes from my PDFs in MarginNote. I then view the notes as an outline. I then click “select” and check the various notes in the outline that I want to copy into Agenda. Once they are selected, I click on the “copy” button in MarginNote. I then flip back over to Agenda and paste the notes into a new or existing note. All of the notes, complete with tags, are then pasted. If I click on any of the tags on the note, I am immediately flipped back to Marginnote to the exact PDF highlighted segment that the tag was appended to. Hope this helps!

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Yes, absolutely. Thanks a lot for your tips.

I used marginnote before, but the lack of transparency and updates from devs made me quite. I’ve been using liquidtext and it makes as a study tool, then I link the excerpts to the “notes”(cards) related to it in Agenda