Agenda web version

I think it might be worthwhile to consider a web version of Agenda (that also syncs the data).

Some pros:

  1. Platform independent.
  2. Light weight, no need to install an App.
  3. Universal access, on work computers.
  4. Data is shared across all paltforms.
  5. OTA version updating.

Some cons:

  1. Less features due to a lack of API support?
  2. Longer development cycle?
  3. Need to reconsider the subscription model?

We are not ruling out doing a web version in the future, but it would be a major undertaking. Also, we just have a lot to do for iOS and macOS still.

Also see this post:


Yes at least read only access.

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The lack of web version made me renew my Evernote account for the meantime. I spend too much time at work and it’s where I feel I could use the Agenda the most. Although I have Agenda Premium, the last of this feature is limiting me to use Agenda fully.

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Forgot to add the sharing/collaboration feature as well. The web and sharing features will make Agenda more functional and complete to me (and many others). Thank you.


My work laptop blocks iCloud Drive for security, but I’d still like to have access to my own Agenda notes. A web interface would open this avenue.

Is there any progress or update on the web version of Agenda ?
As I have a windows machine being used along with others devices, really would love to see one soon.