Agenda war story

So I think we need some more war stories in this forum, and I think I would start with one of mine, and perhaps someone else will take up the baton :slight_smile:

My background

I come from both a GTD and Bullet Journal before finding Agenda. It was first when I heard the Nested Folders podcast where Scotty and Rose talked about their Agenda setups I became interested. I bought the premium features right away, and will again when the next premium feature is released.

I have a long history of writing things down, the projects I have been on, I usually end up writing most of the documentation. In fact I don’t really see something as finished before I have written it down somewhere that it is (yes I’m very wired, I know).

My daily use

I have all my project related information stored in Agenda. I have at category for each of my areas of responsibility, and projects in each category I have projects for that category. In my personal category I also have a Bujo project where I have something that resembles daily logs from bulletjournal. This means there is a note for each day. That note is generated with a shoutcut on my iPad each morning and is based on a template. It functions as a place where I can write down my thoughts during the day and also as a lightweight habit tracker. This is what I have brought with each me from Bullet Journal.

My big reference lives in DEVONThink and is linked in where appropriate. There is absolutely no actionable stuff in DEVONThink, as all actionable things is in Agenda or Remainders.

My projects starts with a Success note pinned to the top that defines what the world looks like when this project is done. It’s an essential part to every project to know when you’re done, something that far too often gets overlook. Sometimes my projects have a milestones note also pinned to the top right under the success note. The milestones note consists of a series of checkboxes I check off as I reach these milestones.

Now I can handle planned work in two ways:

  1. Work that I need to do on the project that I will schedule in my calendar right away. When I schedule the work in my calendar in stead of putting a remainder on some context list, I find I’m much more likely to actually do the task, and if I have not set aside enough time, I just make a follow up note.
  2. If it’s not something that is suited for assigning directly in my calendar, I’ll just create a note with a checkbox and tie that checkbox up to a remainder in the Remainders app.

So you can say I have a hybrid setup between hyper scheduling and standard GTD with context lists.

What’s on my agenda

Well I only mark notes as on my agneda if I need to do something about them very soon. It’s like my focus filter, and only actionable things get on my agenda.

Example of a project

It’s in danish :slight_smile:

The project that I would like to tell about is planning the summer vacation for my wife and me. We live in Denmark and would like to go somewhere I bit warmer than here, like Spain or Greece, however I don’t know if you heard, but there seems to be a global pandemic going on right now which sets some limitations on our plans. My wife is an multi allergic and hence her doc suggested that she should not get the vaccine so that’s a limitation: We cannot go to countries that require vaccination. We won’t go to countries where we have to pay a lot to be tested (it’s free for all in Denmark) as we would need to have my wife tested every 48 hrs. Just to be able to go out to eat.

This means there is a lot of research there must be done.
I have a milestone section where the first milestone is to figure out which countries we want to go to considering the limitations. The next milestones is to research where to go and what to do in each of there countries. And as a fallback plan I have added Denmark as a possible country.

Each country gets its own research note and I place some entries in my calendar to make sure I work on the research.

I’m not there yet but I have researched Denmark, some Grece and some Mallorca for now. 7-10 days before our vacation starts we will make a decision based on how things looks in the regions we would like to travel to, on where to go. As I’m writing this there is a little less than a month before we start our vacation, so there is still time…

Thanks! I’m a long Agenda user. I have a similar set up. I love the idea of a pinned Success note for each project.

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Thank you so much for sharing, stories like yours definitely help other users to get a better feel of how you can use Agenda and even help experienced users to pick up some ideas they could use as well. :raised_hands: