Agenda vs Books Integration

I’m hoping there is an integration of Agenda vs iBooks. It would be great if I can read a book and add a note on Agenda. Because notes on Books supports plain text only. It could be a game-changer when I can sketch, take notes while reading. (Of course, I can sketch directly on the pdf, but I do not have a lot of space, also, I can organize my notes on Agenda for review,…). So far, I only can create a note on Agenda, and copy its link to Books’ note, it’s inconvenient. And I cannot trace the position of the note on Books from Agenda.

This is the first time I have heard this request. It’s interesting, but I think we have bigger integrations to consider before we would get to this (eg Contacts app).

Is it possible to make a link from inside iBooks? If so, you could use the Agenda sharing extension to put that link in Agenda. You can then jump to iBooks when you need to read the original book.