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I spent the last 12 months testing Agenda, Craft, and Bear. I exclusively used each for four months. Each of these three has some amazing strengths. They are all really excellent in many ways.

Not only is Agenda fantastic, but it is the best calendar-centric note taking app of the group by far. Agenda is outstanding, even irrespective of date-focus. It has so many features that the others lack. Plus it has a wonderful visual appeal.

The one thing I find odd about Agenda is the actual agenda view. The lack of customizability, flexibility, and thumbnail views really seems odd, especially since Agenda is the name of the app. I mention this because I think it is an important feature. It is the only thing that holds Agenda back, in my view.

Just an observation by an Agenda enthusiast.


Do you mean you would like a full calendar view, like Calendar app from Apple?

We don’t see Agenda as a calendar app. We think of it as one of those old Agenda notepads, where each page was one date, and you would take notes in that. So the emphasis is definitely on notes, not calendar. But we do want to make it easy to integrate with the Calendar.

Let us know more specifically what you are after. It is good feedback. Perhaps you can post a screenshot or two.

I don’t use Agenda as a calendar app either. Nor do I want to.

What I am left wanting in Agenda is the ability to customize the On the Agenda view. Unlike the note-writing experience, which is clean and beautiful, the On the Agenda view is cluttered and inflexible. I don’t want notes sorted by project. Maybe I want just notes by date. Maybe I want to manually sort notes. Maybe a thumbnail or summary view of the notes On the Agenda is better than a list. The On the Agenda could be a more useful and visually appealing tool.

Don’t get me wrong, Agenda is fantastic. It just feels like the On the Agenda view is an afterthought.


Ah yes, having a much more configurable overview where you could adapt sort order, grouping by project etc is indeed something we have high on our list.


Another thing that I would suggest about the calendar part on the right side of the Agenda window is that it would be good if the titles of the events could follow along two or three lines to make it easier to read them. I think this has been discussed previously since 2018. I don’t know if there are some updates about.

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I see what you mean but that is not what this thread is about.