Agenda versus Evernote: images are not loaded

What I did: I forwarded a webpage to both Agenda and Evernote.

What happened: Txt and images were correctly accepten in Evernote. Only Txt was accepted in Agenda. This is, in my opinion, a serious shortcoming which could influence users to go back to Evernote. You cannot expect users to copy images to Foto and then import them in their Agenda Note.

What I expected: To have an exact copy of the webpage (or any other info that I send to Agenda)

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Used on iPad and MacBook Air M2 with always most recent versions.


This kind of web clipping possibility is not something that the standard sharing extensions support I’m afraid, we hope to add more options in the future but it’s unfortunately not a trivial flick of the switch so to speak

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I also wish agenda could display images by link. I think it’s a reasonable option

Thanks. Yes, this is something we would like to do.

I’ve kept my Bear subscription alive for the last few years not as my primary note app but because of their great web clipper. Find, clip, edit and send to Devon, Agenda, or where ever. Also as a kind of top notch read it later app. Oh my god, Evernote!!

I think for storing web pages one would be better off using DEVONthink or perhaps Curio. I don’t think that sort of thing was ever the intent of Agenda. DT has several methods one can use for storing/accessing websites or their content.

I agree and as stated, I clip, edit and send the item on its way. DT is one of, definitely the main, destination. Bear has a better web clipper and editor than Devon.

I think we are missing the point. It’s not about images or clipping. I read an article in, say the Los Angeles Times, and I want to send it to Agenda, no more not less. That’s impossible and it should not be. ALSO sending an email to Agenda with images is impossible. That is my concern!

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