Agenda shortcut to push project content to a web server

Hey folks.

I work for government in secure/closed facilities. controlled networks. No personal devices allowed. So my phone, tablet, laptop, etc are not within reach during the workday. I have to work on the desktop and with the tools they give me. Think, notepad and Word. Not Agenda :frowning:

I do most of my stuff on Agenda when I’m not in the office so it works great. But then I cannot access my notes and projects from inside. I’m desperate!

Totally willing to accept read only access. It’d be super helpful to at least see what I have written in there for my various work projects.

I was thinking I could export project notes once in a while from Agenda to PDF to a folder on my Mac, and write a python script that automatically uploads the folder contents every day into an AWS S3 server so I can get to it online.

Over in the feedback forum, Support I might be able to do something similar with Shortcuts and thought someone may have already come up with a shortcut for putting Agenda content in a web server.

Any suggestions?