Agenda’s longevity

I have watched Agenda maturing across the years, and I am at the stage that I would like to invest into a lifetime subscription. However, I want to be sure that it is not about to be sold someone else or to disappear as I have an excess of 2000 notes in Apple notes to move over.

Do you have long-term plans for agenda? I realise you have a very small team and I really don’t want to put any pressure on you but I want to know that this amazing app still has a future. Thank you so much.


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Hi Sev,

Thank you so much for considering the lifetime subscription. We’re indeed a very small team and you can never look into the future, things sometimes happen that we wish wouldn’t, but as far as what we can say: we are still very much dedicated to continuing to work on Agenda.

We also don’t have plans to sell the app, although if (and only if) the right kind of acquirer would come by that we believe could take Agenda to a next level that would really benefit the users of Agenda, we can’t exclude we would. But that certainly won’t include companies that would use the Agenda user base just to milk them, that would not want to continue (and improve) the path we’re on, or would just pump the app full of ads and dark patterns.

Hope that answers your question!


It does and thank you for taking the time to respond. You are a truly talented team and I am in awe of what you have done with the app.

I am actually surprised Apple didn’t try to buy you out (maybe they did…but you don’t have to say :slight_smile: ) because out of all the apps out there you beat them (in my humble opinion). I have been working in Tech and Education for 16 years and seen some amazing apps going pear shaped and you have stood the test of time. Roll on pay day and I will purchased and moved ALL my notes. Well done again.

Sev (:fr::uk::australia:)


Thanks for the very encouraging words. Appreciate it!

(Apple do help us a lot, so we can’t complain. I think Agenda is too specialized to interest them as an app to purchase themselves, because they tend to focus on very broad mainstream apps of interest to nearly everyone.)


You can never predict the unforeseeable future. Even big company gets sold to bigger company. On the other hand, Google is killing great apps like it never existed.

Agenda is a GEM of an app and every single bit of it is amazing. I enjoy working on Agenda more than any other note app out there. With all that said, you can never go wrong with this amazing app and commununity!