Agenda ranked in order of dates automatically

I would like my agenda to be ranked in order of dates automatically.

Not sure I understand this. Projects in Agenda are ranked by date, with newest note first.

Do you mean inside the “On the Agenda” overview? We do have plans to offer that as an option.

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I mean inside the “On the Agenda”

OK, yes, that is in our plans.

Thanks for the feedback!
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Is there any way to rank notes in order of the date assigned in the calendar (if linked) instead of creation date? I expected to be able to see a list of the most urgent notes first somehow and I can’t seem to find a way to do that.

It would be also nice to click an option that allows only dated notes to pop up in the overview rather than every note by default. I realize I can set this option for each note but obviously that’s less practical.

Agenda should keep your notes in the order of dates you have assigned to them, not creation date. Any note that has no date is positioned manually using drag and drop, and will retain its position in the timeline relative to other notes.