Agenda & Outlook don’t mix

What I did: Share RTF note via email on both and Share Markdown via and

What happened: RTF note formatting looks poor in email. It looks fine in but bullets appear on different lines when viewing on outlook and OWA. markdown formatting is truncated by “&” when imported to outlook.

What I expected: to be a truly useful business app I have to share notes with colleagues and it’s important that the notes look clean on different email clients, especially something as ubiquitos as outlook

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): latest version of agenda, mojave, and

I recently experimented with this, sending formatted notes from several different apps using Outlook, Mail & Gmail. The apps I tested were all up to date, and were similar to Agenda in that they were more sophisticated that most other apps in their category.

I found that when formatting, sharing through Mail is the only way to go. This makes sense - IMO Outlook was really intended for Word. And, I don’t know how one app could work perfectly with all email apps, but if it does well with the native mail app, I believe it is doing its job.

All my mail ends up in the same place, but your sharing & mail requirements may be much more complex, just wanted to throw this in…

The & is clearly an Outlook bug. We can’t do much about that.

As already pointed out, we don’t have much control over what the mail app does with what we send. We send standard RTF data (rich text). Mail marks it up OK, and outline messes it up, probably trying to put its own list in or something.

There may be other options. Perhaps copying over plain text works better, or exporting as a PDF to Outlook.

We will see if there is anything we can do specifically for Outlook, but for now at least, we have the same export for all apps.

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Thanks for the swift reply. I recognize you can’t test against every email client, but I see Agenda as a business class replacement for and I think something as ubiquitous as Outlook should get priority. I don’t like Outlook but it is a necessary evil in my job like many others.

Selecting/copying the text of the note seems to be a valid workaround for OWA. Tags, Persons, and checklist radials don’t seem to populate over correctly though. This is merely a suggestion, I’d love to remove the friction from emailing minutes out to colleagues, thanks!

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I’m not sure styling like checklists and tags could be made to work. Every app has a different representation of those. There is no standard.

Eg. When we import from Apple Notes, checklists come in looking the same as standard bullet lists. We can’t tell them apart.

Fair enough, back to Apple notes. Thanks!