Agenda option in sharing and service menus on macOS

Loving Agenda. I’m wondering if there is a way to enable Agenda as an option on the service and sharing menus of other apps. I’m assuming that’s in the plans. I’ve seen an Agenda option just a few times and can’t wait for the option to be more common.
Also, have you considered a web clipper for Safari or Chrome?
Loving the newest update. Can’t believe how much you’ve added to the app. Thanks.

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Yes, it is certainly in the plans. We are actually working on sharing right now. Should not take too long to get some options.


Yes something like the ‘clip to Evernote’ I use in my Brave browser, love to replace Evernote with Agenda, but not quite developed enough yet…

I keep hoping for a web clipper too - Chrome and Safari would be fantastic. I’d love be able to replace Evernote completely with Agenda - the web clipper is the only thing that’s holding me back.

If a web clipper is in the planning, do we have any sense of timeline? I ask this because my annual Evernote subscription is coming up for renewal shortly and I’d much rather let it go and move completely into Agenda in 2020.

We’re working on the sharing extension as we speak, still needs some final polish but should arrive early 2020

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These are the two things I’ve been dying for. Great!