Agenda on Windows, the solution :-)

Hello all

I work as a consultant in software test and as such often have to use the clients hardware for my daily work. That hardware is usually a Lenovo or HP laptop with Windows on.- hence NOT Agenda compatible.

Some clients, not all, but some, doesn’t like me to bring my own laptop for use when I’m working for them. So what to do?

The solution for me is an iPad Pro with magic keyboard. They don’t seem to mind even if it’s virtually a laptop. I’m missing no features on the iPad version and it even gives me Shortcuts integration, so really this is a win for me in every way.

Glad you found a solution in the short term. Good advice!

We would like to help Windows users with access to their Agenda data in future, but it is quite a long road to get there. We will likely have to setup a lot of cloud infrastructure, and make a web app or similar. The iPad sounds like an excellent short term solution.

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Compared to Mac OSX, Windows is a shallow shell of nothing, so getting Agenda to work on Windows isn’t really worth it.

A webapp could be useful, but I expect the cost is way to high, and you would need to introduce a subscription as you would need a lot of serveres to serve the webapp. I personally am very allergic to subscriptions. And then there is the data problem, data which currently live in iCloud og in Dropbox you would have to serve through the webapp. I don’t see a business case there :slight_smile:

The iPad solution is better, because not only do I have agenda, I also have iPad OS underneath with all the love, features and integrations it brings.

I don’t have a Mac, have Windows 10 and iPhone and iPad Pro. I run Agenda on iPad multitasked (split windows) with Obsidian mobile app, which has just been released from beta. Obsidian mobile syncs via iCloud to my PC and my Obsidian installation there. So, I have connection between Windows 10 and iPad iOS with Obsidian mobile.

I can copy and paste things from Agenda to Obsidian, and then access it on my Windows 10 PC.

But with Obsidian, what value is Agenda? Maybe linking projects and notes and calendar? But I don’t do any complex projects. So, I’m not sure I’m going to be with Agenda for the long haul.