Agenda on iPad Mini

To anybody willing to share three screenshots of Agenda with the following characteristics, I’d be very grateful:

  1. iPad Mini gen 4 or 5
  2. Portrait mode only
  3. Blank note (for your own privacy)
  4. Mazec keyboard app active

All three screenshots with Agenda on dark mode, and preferably with red accent.

  1. One, with Agenda taking up 100% of the screen
  2. Another, with Split View active (whichever other app on)
  3. Another, with Slide Over active (whichever other app on)

Thank you so much
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Curious to hear what you’d like to use it for?

I’m trying to decide whether or not to purchase an iPad Mini based on how these two apps (Agenda and Mazec) look, given their importance to my workflow and the reduced real estate compared with a 12.9” iPad Pro and increased real estate compared with an iPhone 8 Plus, both of which I already have. The Mini looks super convenient and I want to be sure.

Of course, what if, then again, Apple is readying the launch of a bezeless Mini?



Good luck,

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@chrisduke , thanks so much. Life happened yesterday (tropical storm “Fernand” in the Gulf of Mexico) and had no time to reply.

Will come back to you later in this forum with a full report of why I consider these screenshots represent the Mini as an ideal form-factor for my workflow.

Applicable key phrase here: “one-inch picture frame” (Anne Lamott in “Bird by Bird”).

Will be back soon!
And thanks for your time.

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