Agenda on iOS doesn’t pick up start of week setting in date select

I have start of week set to Monday and agenda ignores that setting, which is annoying, to say the least. The date selector should start weeks on a Monday in this case.

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Is Monday the normal start of the week for your locale setting? Or are you setting a different start of the week to normal?

I’ve overridden it in Settings -> Calendar -> Start Week On

I see, that is probably the reason. We will see if we can establish how to support it. I think it currently just takes the start day of the locale you are using.

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I’ve only been using Agenda for a short time, but I too would love to have the week start on a Sunday. I’ve got my iOS settings to start on Sunday, and all my other calendar apps follow this.

I’m in the UK, where Monday is the norm, but in the industry I work in we’ve historically always started the week on Sunday.

At the moment it does indeed follow your locale. We are planning to see if we can support the overridden setting. Stay tuned!

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any updates?

my bad: this has been resolved: How to start weeks on Sunday? - #25 by harvens.piou

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