Agenda Note(Notebook) file type

I think this may be too far out of scope. But I have to give it a try. If you use agenda a lot you and have many many different projects & sub projects, finding the right project or sub project can get unwieldy. The search feature in agenda is very good, but I usually have filter notes from different projects as I search along the search results (I guess I could use better tags maybe).

This is why I would like a Notes (Notebook) file type that you can save & load as needed. Having this option you can group all your related projects & sub projects into one file. I think searching would also be more efficient as you will be searching through a much smaller note set and all the notes will be relavent to that big project you are working on.

I know that syncing with this scheme will most likely be a nightmare however, If you like this idea, I feel a Master/Slave mode or method could be a way to implement this idea. The MacOs version most likely will be the Master (I don’t know how well it would be implemented on IOS) When you create or load a Notebook file in MacOS that file is created or loaded in to your IOS devices for syncing. You could make the switching automatic or make it a manual feature that must be activated in MacOs and IOS to setup IOS for syncing to the file.

Thanks for an awsome product

It’s an interesting idea. I think it could get quite messy.

Can I ask what the difference would be to creating sub-categories, or using the archiving feature we have for projects? Couldn’t they be used in a similar way?

It sounds a little bit like the real problem is that you can’t restrict the scope of a search to a project or category. Is that it more? That would be something we could certainly consider tackling.

I think what they mean is like Keep It “bundles” – in this case fake categories that you could add projects to without removing them from the original category.

Alternatively: adding tags to projects.

I’m not gonna lie, either functionality would help me too, as I have way too many projects open at any given time.

My problem is not the same but similar. It’s about setting priority by colours, witch would probably help with search and allows to group each level of priorities on a simple click.

Hello Drew,

I think restricting the scope of a search would be a great idea. As for the other questions, it’s a little different because a particular project can have many many sub projects. so I use the root category for the overall project, then create sub categories for the notes for the peculiarities of that particular sub project. for example
Business X is building out a network, they have 3 satellite offices with x amount of rooms. etc i could have the root for the business and have the notes that are dependent on the offices and another about rooms.

Based on this example and what you said I think I may have a much easier solution to implement. In addition to being able to restrict the scope of a search to a project or category, I think being able to archive the structure of a whole category (and/or individual sub category structures if need be) with its original organizational format would suffice. Initially I was thinking have each whole agenda notebook file for a business x and have all the sites neatly viewable on the sides as the categories because this will allow you to view and focus on the big project as a whole and declutter everything about your other projects… I think archiving a whole category structure would do the same. Actually I think it would be even more powerful this way as it increases flexibility as it well as decluttering.

Sorry for my long winded answer. Thanks for responding

Cornell Cummings