Agenda not showing some reminders

What I did: I had a bunch of reminders due yesterday, all showing up in Agenda, that I didn’t get to. This morning, I rescheduled them all to today (using GoodTask).

What happened: Most of the reminders show up in Agenda today. Some of them do not.

What I expected: All of the reminders show up in Agenda today.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

MacOS 10.15.7, Agenda 11.2.1

The reminders are on the same lists they were on yesterday. They correctly show up in GoodTask and Reminders on Today. Seems like Agenda is just not showing a couple of them for some reason. I’ve restarted Agenda a couple times, disabled the lists from syncing and re-enabled them. I’ve also restarted the computer.

They don’t show up on any devices - Mac, iPhone, or iPad - so it seems like Agenda has somehow decided not to show them.

Have you tried switching off the list in the Agenda preferences and turning it back on? Are these all day reminders or with a specific time?

Yes I’ve tried switching the lists off and on again. All-day reminders - though I’ve also given them a time to see if they’d show up.

I have several other all-day reminders on the same list that do show up in Agenda. It’s weird.

Very strange, any info on what distinguishes the ones that show from the ones that don’t would be super helpful. Let us know if you find some more clues.

I’ll keep a closer watch and report back here… I did notice something yesterday where some tasks had start dates that differ from their due dates. I believe the start vs due date are part of reminders data structure, but that neither Agenda nor Reminders exposes the start date. But, I don’t use the start date in GoodTask at all. Anyway I’ll just keep using it and if something pops up again I’ll look into it more thoroughly.

Ah, that could certainly explain things indeed. Were those dates different because of changes made in GoodTask or in Agenda? Indeed we don’t distinguish between the two but it could affect what reminders are queried. Good hint.