Agenda Mac does not show non-recurring Outlook/Exchange meetings in calendar

What I did:
I’ve been using Agenda on my iPhone and my Mac for around a year now. Everything is on latest version (iOS, macOS, Agenda-iOS, Agenda-macOS). I have personal calendars with Google and my work calendar on Exchange.

What happened:
On iOS Agenda I see all events from all calendars, but on macOS Agenda it seems like I see recurring Exchange events as well as appointments I have created, but one-off meetings (non-recurring appointments with myself and at least other people) do not appear in the calendar list.

What I expected:
I expect to see all my Exchange events in Agenda! If not, I’d expect to see none of them, in which case I’d know that I probably hadn’t set the account up correctly, but seeing this very specific subsets (everything except non-recurring meetings) is bizarre. As a workaround I now create notes in Agenda on my phone, as that shows all the events, then I edit them on my computer when it synchs across.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

  • Agenda version: 5.5 (MAS)
  • OS X version: Version 10.14.5 (Build 18F132)
  • AppKit version: 1671.5
  • Device type: MacBookPro14,3

That’s certainly odd. Are you saying that on your Mac those non-recurring events do show in the system Calendar app?

Yup. I see everything in the default Calendar app and Fantastical. Only Agenda seems to hide a subset of them. It appears not to be the same subset I described above, but I can’t figure out the pattern.

I just went through and disabled all other calendars from both and here is a screenshot of the Agenda calendar sidebar and Calendar’s day view for today. Private info is greyed out but I’ve placed red rectangles around the events in Calendar that don’t show up in Agenda.

The first and last missing items (“Scrum…” and “Complete your timesheets…”) are recurring weekly events to which I’m invited. The second one (“Review…”) is a one-off event to which I’m invited. The third one (“Update…”) is a recurring weekly event on my own calendar only (e.g. no invitees).

Meanwhile “Focus hours” is a recurring daily event to which I’m invited. “Morning review”, “Lunch break…”, and “Coffee break…” are all events on my own calendar only that recur every weekday, and all these events show up just fine in Agenda. And again, EVERY event appears in iOS Agenda!

Any guidance on how to debug and ideally resolve this would be much appreciated!

Would it be possible to share the following Agenda files with us:

  • quit Agenda
  • in Go to Folder under the Go menu in Finder, paste:
  • make a backup copy of the Cachedinfo folder, then zip it and email it to
  • start Agenda

This would allow us to inspect those calendar events and see why they don’t show. We’ll obviously delete the files immediately after.

Done, and as I wrote in that email, on a hunch I tried renaming CachedInfo (to CachedInfo.XXX) and restarted Agenda and as I suspected, Agenda recreated it, and as I hoped, it resolved the issue!

So while this isn’t strictly speaking your suggestion that resolved the issue, I would not have found this without your suggestion so thank you and feel free to suggest it to any other users who experience this bit of weirdness. I hope my CachedInfo zip helps you identify and fix the root cause.



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