Agenda locking up - have to Force Quit

What I did: I have Agenda open and go back to it frequently to update a note.

What happened: At least 4 times in the last week, as I start typing into the note, I get the “spinning wheel” and the app locks up. I’m have to “force quit” the app in Activity Monitor on my Mac mini, and re-open it. So far, for all occurrences, It comes up clean right where it should be.

What I expected: Behavior unexpected, and has bit me about 5 times in the last 2 weeks.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): I’m on a new Mac Mini, 3.2GHz 8th gen processor, 16GB of mem, running Mac OS Mojave 10.14.3. Agenda version says 5.1.

Are you certain that if you don’t wait a 10 seconds it comes back? I have seen some beach balling when the disk is very busy with something, and Agenda can’t access the disk in time, but after 10 seconds at most it is working again.

In general, I advise avoiding a force quit unless it is really necessary. It can lead to corruption.

We have many performance improvements coming in the next release. Perhaps that will help.

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I took your advice and waited more than 10 seconds, went to over 90 seconds - but by then all apps open were frozen as well, could hear fans kick in trying to cool system, only option was a manual forced power off of the machine. Still checking to see if any of the “running apps” had corruption issues.

Am I the only ones reporting this? From now on I will kill Agenda as soon as it happens. For what it’s worth, the iOS version will often show stuttered keyboard input - a lag from when I type a letter and it appears in the display.

Could you do the following when the application starts freezing:

  • open the Activity Monitor app (which you find inside your Applications folder under Utilities)
  • select Agenda (it should appear in red) in the list of applications
  • take a sample (using the button in the toolbar
  • email us the sample report

That should allow us to see what the app is doing while it hangs.

Also, does the (which you also find inside your Applications folder under Utilities) output any Agenda related error messages?
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After having experienced the same problem (Agenda freezing up constantly) for quite some time, I sent a sample report. That was two days ago and it helped because Agenda has been running smoothly ever since.

If you experience lock ups it would be great if you could enable the beta version notifications in the preferences and test the new beta that should go out over the weekend. Let us know if that solves the performance issues you are seeing or whether they still occur.

Greetings. Since the system crash I reported on 03/29/19, I have not had any repeat incidents of the lockups. Thanks!

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