Agenda Link for Category and Sub-category

It would be helpful to be able to link to a Category or a Sub-category.

I’m finding the [[ command invaluable and I’m using it all the time in my weekly and daily plans, eg “Review [project X]”, “Contact @Someone re [note B]” etc.

Today I tried to wrtie “Review [category Q], but it’s not possible!

It doesn’t make a lot of sense as things stand now, because you can’t select a category. So what exactly would you want to happen if you clicked the link?

My suggestion would be to link to a project (eg first) in the category. Then when you click, you are taken to that category.

I assumed clicking a link to a category would move the focus to the category. I didn’t realise categories weren’t selectable!

They are just for organization at this point. You can only select projects.