Agenda is a bad name

When I search for Agenda on Google or Youtube, many results appear for the word in Portuguese that means schedule or calendar.
The application could be calling something like Aggenda, Agendadda, Agendaa, AgendaApp, AppAgenda iAgenda, or anything other than a word in some language.

Search for “Agenda app”. That’s the best way to find software that has a common word in the title.

A common name has advantages and disadvantages, and so do difficult names. The worst you can pick however is the type of variants you suggests, because YouTube, Google and others will automatically correct those to the much more common type, i.e. Aggenda would become Agenda anyway, and make finding even Aggenda app impossible. Plus, you couldn’t even type the name when talking or writing here, try typing Aggenda and you’ll notice it’s immediately autocorrected.

The solution is to do what @konetidy suggests and add “app” in your searches.