Agenda iPadOS – can’t drag in an email

Hi there – am in the process of returning to Agenda and looking forward to building a new workflow between it and Things.

A key part of my workflow is to link different apps together in useful ways; thus, in an Agenda project, I will have pinned notes with links to Things projects, so that I can manually juggle notes/tasks.

I need to be able to do the same with dragging emails from Mail into an Agenda note. The process is seamless between Mail and Agenda on macOS; similarly, on iPadOS, if I drag an email into Things, it shows up no problem. But in Agenda on iPadOS, when I try to drag a Mail message into an Agenda note, I get an eternal “Importing” dialogue and it doesn’t work. See screenshot.

I hope this can be fixed asap!



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We are going to investigate this. Thanks for reporting

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Getting the same screen.

Same here. It worked (most of the time) a week ago, but doesn’t now. I’ve updated to to the latest iPadOS and run the latest Agenda update.

I am able to drag email into Agenda on iPadOS by splitting screen (Agenda open on one side and Mail open on other). The link in Agenda works to open email in Mail.

So it is working? I believe we did fix it a release or two ago.

Same for me. Seems it is fixed. Thanks!

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Great to hear!