Agenda iOS crashes when scanning multiple pages

What I did:
Scanned multiple pages documents. Most of the time, I scan only a few pages and it works smoothly.

What happened:
But I realized that when I want to scan a bigger document (I guess more than 8 or 10 pages), the app crashes. It happened a few times in the last months. I remember at least two or three times that I tried to reopen the app and rescan everything, but the app would crash one more time.

Now when I have to scan something big, I use Adobe Scan or Scannable and paste the PDF in Agenda. If the document is only a few pages long, I use the scanner in Agenda.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
iPhone SE
iOS 13 (last version available)
Latest version of Agenda

Thanks for the feedback. I think the problem here is probably just the size of the scanned document. We did make some improvements to that recently, so make sure you are on the latest version. But there will probably be a limit. I’m sure dedicated apps like Adobes will do a better job with that.


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OK! Next time I come across a big doc to scan, I’ll try and see if the issue is resolved in Agenda. I’ll keep you posted.