Agenda integration with OmniFocus

Greetings all!

Here’s a link to documentation and download for an Omni Automation plug-in for OmniFocus that creates and links a new Agenda note based upon the data from the currently selected OmniFocus project or task.

After creating the Agenda note, a link-back to the Agenda note is automatically prepended to the note of the OmniFocus item — so there’s always an easy way to switch between the two apps!

NOTE: this plug-in requires use of OmniFocus 4, which is currently in public beta on all Apple devices.

Here’s the plug-in’s documentation page from the OmniFocus plug-in collection of the OmniFocus Omni Automation website. More information regarding the beta is available on the Omni Slack channel.

Your comments, suggestions, and ideas for other plug-ins are most welcome! — Cheers!


It doesn’t work the first time it is invoked, but it does work on the second and subsequent invocations.

The Agenda link added to OF4 is useful, how about adding an OF4 link to the Agenda note that is created, otherwise it’s only a one-way street?

Downside is, it creates a new Agenda note every time the automation is invoked on an OF task. User error, of course, but why let users make the error?

Thank you for the feedback! Added the link to the OmniFocus item to the Agenda note as well.

Hmm. Are you saying that a new Agenda note is created every time the link-back in the OmniFocus note is activated?


The note field for projects and tasks in OmniFocus 4 (beta) supports RTF (Rich Text Format) which is used by Agenda when the “Copy As… Note Text” option is selected.

So… you can copy and paste your Agenda note into the OmniFocus note field and retain the look and formatting!


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Nice one, thanks for sharing the plug-in! :raised_hands:

You’re welcome!

And thank you for supporting the community by ensuring that Automation is a priority in Agenda. It’s always fascinating and heartening to see the life-enhancing tools customers create with your product when Automation is made a focus.

Keep up the good work!

— Sal

P.S. When I get a bit of free time, I’ll convert the plug-in into a Voice Command, and add it to the OmniFocus voice commands collection. I truly believe that the combination of spoken commands blended with keyboard interaction is the next wave to paddle to!


No, I’m saying that if you select an OF task and click the Automation plugin to create an Agenda, and then select the OF task again and click the plugin again, a second Agenda note is created. That is “user error” but it is easy to do and it would be helpful to prevent this if the plugin warned “are you sure? an Agenda note for this task already exists”.

Ah, d’oh! Thanks for the clarification.

The feature you request requires either:

  1. Storing a bit of data somewhere in OmniFocus that keeps track of if an Agenda item has been previously created. Of course the stored data would be inccorect if the user made changes in Agenda.
  2. Or a query to Agenda to see if a note with the same name exists, which I’m not sure is possible and would be a lot of flashing between the two apps since URLs are being used in place of a system event structure like Apple Events.
  3. And, the user may wish to intentionally have multiple copies/variations to work with.

An alternate solution is the second plug-in I added to the documentation page for searching Agenda for an existing note matching the title of the selected project or task!
If for some reason the embedded Agenda link is removed from the OmniFocus item, this plug-in will still get you to the matched Agenda note.

Your suggestion does point out the potential for interaction between the two apps. Since OmniFocus uses Omni Automaton, where every featue of the app is exposed to automation, as well as REST APIs, Bookmarks, Credentials, etc. – the possiblities are plentiful.

Thank you for the brainstorm! Cheers.

It’s time to speak up!

OmniFocus Voice Command: Add Item to Agenda

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Here’s another example plug-in for linking Agenda notes with OmniFocus tasks.

New Task for Selected Agenda Note

This plug-in creates a new task based upon the currently selected Agenda note.

A link-back to the selected Agenda item is prepended to the OmniFocus task’s note. And a link-back to the created OmniFocus task is appended to the selected Agenda item’s note. You can then use these links to easily copy and transfer content between the two elements.

– Enjoy!

Wow, you’re on a roll, great stuff! :raised_hands:

You’ll also be pleased to hear that Agenda 16 greatly improves the App Shortcuts available in the Shortcuts app (and Apple has fixed a bunch of bugs making them work better when connecting them together).

app intents are a creative approach to expanding the “vocabulary” used by workflows. It should become more popular as it gains initial support from forward-visioning developers like Agenda. The more support you provide, the more loyal the customer response is returned.

The existing Shortcuts support in Omni applications continues to enable the creative transfer and use of increased 3rd-party automation integration. Now it’s time to observe the creative tools and connections customers make as they integrate our apps in their workflows. w00t!

“The power of the computer should reside in the hands of the one using it.”

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