Agenda header display issue

Not sure if previously reported…

What I did:
Opened agenda note from unlock screen short cut.

What happened:
causes agenda header and iOS (time, WiFi, cell, battery) header to overlay each other.

What I expected:
No overlap

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Repeatable for me on iOS 17.3, Agenda 18.3

Starting with a fresh iPhone reboot and locked with agenda app closed and not loaded in background. Start / unlock iPhone and launch agenda from Lock Screen, agenda opens correctly. Force close agenda, closed from background and then lock and unlock iPhone and relaunch again from Lock Screen, overlapping occurs. Repeat by force closing app and launch from Lock Screen.

Thanks, this is indeed a known issue that we’re trying to diagnose. Thanks for reporting!

Found another event causing.

It seems to also happen after adding an attachment to agenda. Example is I had an email attachment I shared with agenda via share sheet. After attached to note, force close agenda and relaunch, it will be fine, force close again and relaunch it will have overlapping header.

Hope this makes sense…

Yes, it definitely does, the common factor is most likely a combination of device orientation change in between the app being last used and being quit in the background and restarted when bringing it back to the foreground