Agenda freezes entire iPad when using Stage Manager and Magic Keyboard

What I did:

  • Using stage manager
  • Have a Agenda window open, and a Safari window open
  • Try to type in a note in the Agenda window using Magic Keyboard

What happened:

  • Can only type the first letter, then the whole iPad freezes up and does a quick “reboot” and I’m back at the iPad homescreen. Can recreate everytime.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
iPadOS 16.1.1
Agenda 16.0
iPad Pro Magic Keyboard

Sorry you are experiencing this. Stage Manager is frankly not fully ready for the public. There are some serious issues in there, particularly related to keyboard bars, and Agenda suffers from them.

We have investigated if there is something we can do to fix the issues, but the bugs are completely in Stage Manager itself. (Note: it should not be possible for any 3rd party app to completely freeze Stage Manager or the operating system, even if it contains bugs. The operating system should prevent that. So there is something seriously wrong in Stage Manager.)

We have heard that new betas of iPadOS are showing some promising improvements .We have reported our issues to Apple, and we hope they will fix the problems in an update.

Kind regards,

Thanks — this is the only application where I’ve experienced anything like this, so something feels uniquely Agenda-related. Hopefully more updates soon from Apple.

Yes, because Agenda makes extensive use of the keyboard bar. We use that for all our editing tools. Many apps have a simpler bar, or no custom bar at all.

This is probably why Agenda seems to show problems. Seems they haven’t got the custom keyboard bar stuff working properly. For most apps not an issue, but for specific apps a big issue.

Hopefully they will nail it down. We are keeping a close eye on it, and have reported everything to Apple.