Agenda for Remarkable 2 tablet?


I am a new member of the Agenda community and am really enjoying all that Agenda has to offer. I was wondering if anyone knows of any plans to make Agenda compatible with the Remarkable 2 tablet which I think would be fantastic, especially as I am taking notes during a meeting.


I’m not familiar with this tablet but it looks like a dedicated device for taking notes correct? What kind of compatibility were you looking for? You should be able to attach the PDFs it produces as attachments to your notes.

Hi! I’ve been traveling, pardon the late reply.

I was essentially hoping to be able to take notes on the tablet and bring them over to Agenda as Agenda Notes. And for example, if I prepare a note template for a meeting on Agenda, to be able to open that on the tablet to fill in and populate in Agenda.

Agenda is really fantastic, this would really bring it to an incredible new level.

Thanks for your help!

Thanks for clarifying, unfortunately I’m not familiar with this kind of tablet and I’m not sure what the integration possibilities would be. We’ll see if it becomes a more popular request and can then look into it.

Thank you, that makes sense.

I’ll continue to enjoy Agenda all the same and look forward to improvements and features as they come up.

All the best,

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