Agenda for iOS lags when you copy large article

Few occasions when I copied article’s to Agenda note’s it lags and display blank note. I have to relaunch to see the note.

Also I noticed undo and redo lags for both MacOS and iOS

Undo is not as fast as we would like. Will be looking into this in future.

When you say “copied”, do you mean copy-and-paste, or drag-and-drop?


I copied and paste, not drag and drop. The total character I copied from an online article is 2407 characters. It lags till the app kill itself.

Is it possible to upload what you pasted here? Would be interested to test.


example.txt (4.1 KB)

The app lags when I either expand or collapse two lengthy notes.

macOS has no issue opening or editing the note however when I edit it on iPhone X, it lacks and at times the app kills itself (shutdown).

Could be it due to the sync since syncing to iCloud takes time? I noticed it also sync the layout, e.g. when I collapse a note on iPhoneX, 5 seconds later, the note on Mac also collapsed. When I expand a lengthy note on Mac, seconds later, iPhoneX also expanded the note however it will lags or having a blank note.

Screenshot of the lags and it freeze there.