Agenda for iOS is awesome!

Agenda for iOS is awesome, and improving every day! I have to say, I’m gradually switching over from other apps. I love its simplicity, and the fact that it’s on all my devices, iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro, and that the syncing is virtually instantaneous.
I’m gradually learning the app. The community is a lifesaver. One thing that would be helpful though, is a better help category? I may just be looking in the wrong place, but when I tap on help, it takes me to what appears to be a help page, but all it does for each category is say there is this category of help, but no actual how to do. For example, I wanted to see how to pin to the top, so I went to help, and there was a category saying it was a feature, but no help to show how to do it. The community was where I actually found the answer, great community help, and very well organized!
Another question: I can tap and hold projects, and then drag, wanting to reorder them, which indicates I can drag them into my preferred order, I can then drag them, but when I let go, they just go back to where they were. I was able to do a workaround after noting the were alphabetized, by just numbering the projects in the order I wanted. Would it be possible to allow us to manually reorder categories as well as projects? The drag and drop already appears to be started, but we’re unable to complete the process at this time.
But all in all, I have to say that you guys are doing a great job with Agenda! And I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a more responsive crew to suggestions! Great app! And great crew putting it all together! I loved it on my MacBook Pro, and was ready to load the iOS beta as soon as I got the invitation. And i had no hesitation in immediately signing up for the premium, given the quality of the app, yes, but far more importantly, you guys!


Reordering of projects is a feature we would like to add in future.

The help is a little incomplete, I’m afraid. Just been very busy with the app itself. I think we can catch up on that once the app is released and the pressure off a little.

Pinning was only added recently, and I am pretty sure we didn’t add any help for that yet.